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Welcome to our farm!

We're glad that you found us on the web. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!

Located in the heart of Palouse Country, our little ranch, in the southeast corner of Washington state, is the home of some of the nicest alpacas available. After moving onto 3 acres at the edge of town, we began putting our herd together in the fall of 2012 with the purchase of Paris Memories, a young pregnant female from Blue Moon Ranch in Woodland, Utah. We soon followed that purchase with another, also from Blue Moon Ranch. BMR Leila was the stunning true black alpaca of my dreams. I wanted a field full of black alpacas and nothing else. Before we were able to bring these two girls and their crias home from Utah a year had passed and Robert and I had learned much about the reality of alpaca farming. For one thing, neither of these girls produced true black offspring. For another, high quality fleece is not measured on a color chart. You won't find a source for quality hay, solutions to herd health questions, or a long list of other issues, either.
By spring (2014) we knew that four alpacas just wasn't enough, especially when one was a male that was getting old enough to be separated from the females. In the summer of 2014 we purchased a yearling fiber boy from Sweet Pines Alpacas in Craigmont, Idaho, to be our little boy's companion. No hiring a professional transport this time; he got to ride home in the back of our 4Runner! We soon purchased two females, one beige and one white with a pretty light fawn cria at her side, also from Sweet Pines. We added a used pickup truck and a horse trailer (also used) to our list of farm machinery. Once we'd trucked our new girls home and turned them out, our pasture was suddenly filled with the most pleasant blend of colors imaginable. The notion of an all black herd is gone forever as we anticipate the babies that will be born here this summer.
Be sure to check back often to see what's new, and what is finally getting mentioned as we grow more comfortable with our website.

We are willing to work out a financial plan that will suit both your needs and ours.